bARK Project

The first meme token on the ARK Blockchain.
100% driven by good vibes and community engagement!

ASLP Technology ARK Blockchain No ICO Community Driven Good Vibe No Cats

What is bARK

bARK is the first meme token on the ARK blockchain using the ARK Side Ledger Protocol (ASLP)

bARK is a community-driven project with good vibes.

If your cat farts. Then come and join us, because we have something less toxic to spread.
Follow our social media channels to participate in airdrops.

bARK Distribution

10% bARK
Active ARK voters
40% bARK
Social Media Activities
25% bARK
Random Airdrops
25% bARK
Contributors to bARK and ARK

This is how we aim to distribute bARK tokens.
Any funds potentially earned through the bARK project will be donated towards "Deaf Dogs Rock"



Wallets for your
bARK Tokens

Plugins are currently being developed to safely store your bARK tokens in
the Ark Desktop Wallet or in the Qredit Motion Wallet.